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Prosperity Earth welcomes

you to the world’s most

exotic untold story

Madagascar is the most mineralogically rich and geologically complex country in the world that remains the least developed paradoxically.  It sits at the epicenter of the largest and most expansive gemstone occurrences in the world. 

Madagascar produces one-third of the world’s sapphires, yet its colored gemstone mining sector is underdeveloped; it is ripe for investment capital that creates prosperity by taking into account the need to add value locally.

Madagascar is an amazingly biodiverse country with rich, endemic flora and fauna that is ripe for our ethical and sustainable brand.  Come join us on the world’s most exotic untold story of how prosperity arrived in Africa.

• 4th largest island in the world at 587,041 sq.

(about the size of  Texas)

       • Population of 25,000,000 (est.) with $1,400 GDP per capital (PPP)

Language spoken are

        Malagasy, French, and English.

             • Major industries are mining, agribusiness, and tourism.